Letter: Illegal fireworks cause suffering


To the editor,

This in regards to people who set off illegal fireworks.

Never mind that these people are traumatizing my dogs and countless others, who shake, pant, pace, whine and drool for hours after hearing even one or two fireworks. Never mind that no one in a household with a sensitive dog can find any peace or sleep.

Never mind that these people are transporting my husband and other combat veterans back to a time when they were under gunfire.

Never mind that these people are waking babies and causing them to cry, which also wakes their sleep-deprived parents.

Never mind that these people are terrorizing cats, who spend hours every evening hiding under furniture.

Never mind that my neighbor was badly scratched by her cat, on two separate occasions, when the cat flew off her lap in fear of a sudden loud firework. Never mind that another neighbor has to get up and get dressed at 3 a.m. to walk his dog, because the dog is too frightened to walk in the evenings due to the fireworks.

Never mind that these people are distressing people with PTSD, dementia and various other nervous and neurological disorders.

Never mind that all of this additional stress is occurring at a time when tension from other causes is already extremely high.

Never mind that these people risk injuring someone or setting their neighbors’ (or their own) property on fire. Never mind that the devices these people are setting off are illegal in Connecticut.

Never mind, because none of that matters. The only thing that matters is these people’s momentary enjoyment of those fireworks. It sure is worth all of the suffering they’re inflicting on others, isn’t it?

Wendy Ruggeri