Letter: Hidden Acres shows appreciation for volunteers


To the editor,

As National Volunteer Appreciation Week approaches, Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center, located in Naugatuck, would like to take an opportunity to thank our dedicated corps of volunteers.

In the past six months, Hidden Acres has strived to increase the number of special needs children served in our therapeutic horseback riding program. To accomplish this goal, we needed to increase our volunteer base as each participant typically needs the support of three trained volunteers to assist them as they ride.

The response from the community has been tremendous. Individuals from all walks of life have come forward from Naugatuck and surrounding towns to become Hidden Acres volunteers and support our riders. We greatly appreciate the sacrifice they have made in taking time out of their busy schedules of work, family and school obligations to help others. It truly exemplifies the spirit of giving and volunteer service.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff at Hidden Acres, we offer our deepest appreciation to each and every one of our dedicated volunteers for making a difference in their community.  Thank you so much for bringing happiness to our riders.

Your friends at Hidden Acres.

Jeanna Pellino, Program Director

Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Program