Letter: Fusion plays a beautiful game


To the editor,

The Naugatuck Fusion Soccer Club is a recreational soccer team for men over 30 years of age. The team was established in 2009 by Les Grey, a resident of the town, and is part of the Shoreline Adult Soccer League (SASL). The SASL is the largest amateur soccer league in Connecticut, with three divisions, three age brackets and 70 teams.

Currently, the Fusion is in the third division, but as with any team, the team’s goal is to be one of the best in the league. With that in mind, the Fusion players have been doing their best out on the field to advance to the upper divisions. The Naugatuck Fusion has a competitive edge, as do most of the other teams, but all the players understand this is for recreational purpose.

Across the globe, soccer (or futbol) is the most popular sport enjoyed by millions. Because of this fact, the SASL league is ethnically and culturally diverse, with teams representing the many countries.

The league started with a Scotsman and a few U.S. Americans around 1979, but now includes a vast array of nationalities. Some of the countries represented are Portugal, Italy, Poland, Britain, Jamaica, Scotland, Ireland and of course the United States.

The Naugatuck Fusion is no different hence the name Fusion. While most of the Fusion players are Portuguese, other countries such as Jamaica, Scotland, Brazil, Ireland and America round out the rest of the team nationalities.
The Fusion is in the final part of the regular 2010-11 SASL season, which should end sometime around the middle of November. This season has been the best season so far for the team with the addition of a few key players; the Naugatuck Fusion is on its way to a having a great 2012 season. The season usually starts in the spring (around the second week of April) and ends in the fall with a summer break in between. The team usually plays a total of 20 games throughout the season with half at City Hill Middle School. The games are usually between 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Sunday mornings. No admission required, just come by ready to enjoy an excellent game.

Soccer is a sport loved by millions of people around the world. While many do not have the privilege of playing the game, it makes for great entertainment. It is fun for all ages and the game is a great way to meet new people. So let’s all support the Naugatuck Fusion Soccer Club and check out the web page for their upcoming games. The site address is www.Naugatuck-Fusion.weebly.com. Come on down, we’ll save a seat for ya.

Renato DaSilva

Les Grey

Naugatuck Fusion