Letter: Former tax collector responds to letter


To the editor,

I am writing in response to Shawn Styfco’s letter “Resident raises concerns about Beacon Falls P&Z Commission” (Citizen’s News, Jan. 31, 2020) in which he questions why Planning and Zoning Commission member Bill Giglio received a building permit when he owed back taxes.

He already knows the answer to that question as he had emailed me his concerns, and I emailed him on Sept. 19, 2019, with an answer. Yes, I answered him more than four months ago.

As I told Mr. Styfco, that permit can be signed off on by the tax collector or the assistant to the tax collector. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my assistant at the time, Linda Holt, erroneous signed the form. As soon as I discovered what had happened, I spoke with Mr. Giglio and he immediately paid half of what he owed with a promise to pay the rest of the delinquent balance before the project was completed.

When questioning my assistant on how this happened, she, on her own doing crossed her name off. Upon finding out what had happened, I reluctantly signed my name to the form after the fact so as to have a document that complied with the town’s regulations.

It should be noted that I went over all procedures again with my assistant so that this would not happen again, and yes, Mr. Giglio kept his word and paid the rest of the monies he owed.

This was all taken care of in September 2019. Mr. Styfco has decided to not only raise the issue four months later, after the fact, but does not have the integrity to tell the whole truth.

Mary Anne Holloway

Beacon Falls

The writer is the former tax collector for Beacon Falls.


  1. Mary Anne,

    A quick search on My Tax Bill show differently. Tax Bill 2018-03-0052047 has a balance of $168.07, Tax Bill 2018-03-0052048 has a balance of $125.85 and Tax Bill 2018-03-0052049 has a balance of $532.76. Is it true that Mr. Giglio owes the Town of Beacon Falls $826.68.