Letter: First Selectman talks Beacon Falls


(Editor’s note: This letter is the April First Selectman’s letter that appears on the Beacon Falls town website submitted by First Selectman Gerard Smith.)

To the editor,

Work at Tobey’s Pond continues briskly. Under the able supervision of Rich Minnick, the northern spillway has been stabilized; brush has been cut, branches chipped, and necessary grading of the property is well under way. O&G has provided beams for the reconstruction of footbridges, which will be built for strength and are expected to last for years. We expect Tobey’s Pond to be ready for residents to enjoy in time for the Duck Race in May.

As of this writing, Beacon Falls’ first CERT team is halfway through training to become fully certified. We extend our thanks to Lt. Eddie Rodriguez for his commitment to lead the team of volunteers, who are being prepared to expertly assist official first responders in the event of an emergency. The CERT team of citizen volunteers is a huge asset to our town. (For more information about this program, please see last month’s Selectman’s Letter.)

I would like to welcome our new Resident Trooper Andy Borelli. Be sure to stop by the police station on North Main Street and introduce yourself to him.

I would also like to welcome two new businesses to town: Thule Group, a manufacturer of car carrier products and other items, recently moved into the Murtha Industrial Park, and Flat Liners Tattoo and Piercing opened on Main Street. May these enterprises find Beacon Falls to be a good match; long may they prosper.

I have begun dialogue with both Tom Haynes of Haynes Construction and Kurt Miller, First Selectman of Seymour, to resurrect proposed plans for a major commercial development. This project would run along the west side of the Naugatuck River, south of Route 42, connecting both Beacon Falls and Seymour. It is an exceptional growth opportunity for both towns, which we will vigorously pursue.

The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance continue to work on an acceptable budget for fiscal year 2012-13. As the process continues, we have separated the required items from the discretionary items, and are very close to having a budget to present to the public. This budget will address past needs as well as future capital project requests, while maintaining the smallest possible budget increase.

We are applying for a Residential Rehabilitation Small Cities Grant. This grant, at no cost to the town, would allow qualified senior and handicapped residents to apply for 0 percent no payment loans for qualified home repairs. These loans are repaid when the home is either sold or refinanced. Please contact Karen Wilson in the First Selectman’s office for further information at Kwilson@townofbeaconfalls.com or call (203) 729-4340.

Gerard Smith

First Selectman

Beacon Falls


  1. And for reasons only ValleyGuy knows, it appears he did not attend either. That is a commentary within itself to be making comments here at all.

    I am fairly new to this community and do not know the 1st Selectman, but what I do appreciate is that he is making a very effective effort to right any wrongs and appears to be a very good communicator in the process. Keep up the good work Mr. Smith!

  2. LTTE still being used as a soapbox I see.

    It appears First Selectman Smith is running out of things to tout in these monthly updates. Even more surprisingly was that there was no glowing words with regards to Selectmen D’Amico. In saying that I would like to commend Selectman D’Amico for the standup job he reportedly did last week in offering a town proclamation on behalf of former Selectwomen Cable. For reasons only known to himself the current First Selectman was reported to not have attended this event. Although there was a number of Republican officials from the Town and surrounding areas well represented. His absence spoke volumes, but that commentary will be reserved for another day. This was not a night about politics, but rather an event to acknowledge time and service for an indvidual that gave endlessly to the Town of Beacon Falls. Regardless if one always agreed or not with those said contributions. As an elected official there are often events that one would rather not attend or be part of, but that goes with the territory. Thankfully Selectman D’Amico was the better person on this night and stepped up.