Letter: Family supports McDuffie for town clerk


letters_flatTo the editor,

We have been supporting the Republican Party in this town for many years. But this year is a very hard decision to make for one major reason — the Democratic Party has put together a wonderful ticket.

The person that really touched home with our family is their candidate for town clerk, Mr. Kevin McDuffie. He personally, with his leadership and helpfulness, took care of my grandparents when he was vice chairman/chairman of the Ansonia Housing Authority, and we will never forget what he did for our family and all of the seniors in the city of Ansonia. Then years later, we had another problem here in Beacon Falls, and guess who the chairman of the Beacon Falls Planning and Zoning was, Kevin McDuffie. And once again he stepped up to the plate and delivered along with candidate for selectman Peter Betkoski.

So, with all the leadership skills and all of the help he has given to our family and many families in Beacon Falls and Ansonia, we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is a wonderful feeling knowing there are people like you out there volunteering in our community. Now to see you running for town clerk our family is absolutely thrilled. I know you will put the people first ahead of politics. Once again thank you Kevin McDuffie, Beacon Falls deserves you.

Davis family

Beacon Falls


  1. This is truly a difficult call as both men are faithful public servants and as I see it both are very loyal to the people of Beacon Falls.

    Far too frequently, elections now have us choosing the “lesser of all evils”. In this particular race, it’s quite refreshing to have two men who will serve us well. I’ll be choosing one on election day, but I won’t be upset when either of these fine candidates prevails.

  2. Yes Kevin is a nice guy and by all accounts a good friend and citizen. But will he be there full time like Len Greene has been since taking over? I have heard nothing about what Mr McDuffie plans to do if elected to continue or expand the services currently offered. As little as I have used the Town Clerk’s office, I understand that Len has made many positive changes and turned the office around. We cannot afford to take a step backwards.