Letter: Exercise your right to vote


To the editor,

I am urging every registered voter in Beacon Falls to go to the polls and vote Nov. 8. If you are unable to get to the polls, get an absentee ballot and exercise your right to vote. Every vote counts and this was clearly evident in the one vote outcome at the referendum to repair our roads.

We all live busy lives but it is important that we all take the time and make the effort to participate and vote at town meetings, referendums and local, state, and national elections. We are privileged to be able to cast our ballots. So, again I urge everyone to take the time to vote on Nov. 8.

When I look at the candidates running for office in Beacon Falls, I look at leadership qualities, management skills, fiscal prudence as well as the knowledge and experience to make our community even better.

These attributes have been demonstrated by Susan Cable during her terms in office. I will be voting for the Cable-Bielek team. Who will you be voting for on Election Day.

Lurana Siemenski

Beacon Falls


  1. The writer & responder make valid points that they like many of us who actively support our local government as elected officials or volunteers, become frustrated when voter turnouts are low. It costs approximately $3,000.00 to hold ‘machine’ votes such as the two recently failed road improvement referendums. Interestingly, I read two separate messages in this letter and the response.

    The first is the plea for people to vote on November 8th, and the frustration over voter turnout. While I agree that everyone should make the effort to exercise their right to vote by coming to the polling place at Laurel Ledge next Tuesday, the writers seem to miss an important element in our democratic system….the right to abstain. Not coming to vote is an act of exercising your voting rights, your right not to vote. We see this even in those who do go to the poll and chose not to vote for anyone in certain positions. So called ‘blank’ vote totals. Those that elect not to make a choice for a position are abstaining from that choice and it is a valid as not coming to the poll at all.

    Again, I do wish to express my belief and hope that everyone will go the polls on Tuesday as we are making an important decision that will affect the Town’s future and your taxes specifically as the philosophies of the two candidates for 1st Selectman are very different. One has a record of raising taxes – rarely with a plan behind it; the other a fiscal conservative that will carefully plan for expenditures and keep the taxpayers informed on issues that affect our pocketbooks.

    This leads me to the second and perhaps primary reason for the original letter to the editor: expressing support for a certain candidate.

    Gerry Smith and Dave D’Amico is what Beacon Falls needs now! They with their entire Republican Team will put Beacon Falls First. We are a Team that is not ‘change for change sake’ as our opposition would have you believe. We bring several decades of municipal experience to Town Hall and will offer this community the opportunity for smart growth with real plans for our future.

    I hope to see you at Laurel Ledge on November 8th.

    Michael A Krenesky, Selectman and candidate for Town Treasurer.

  2. Lurana – I clearly agree. People need to exercise their right to vote. It’s a shame how many people don’t vote. I believe Susan Cable is the only choice for First Selectman.

    She brings years of experience, hard work and dedication to this position. In addition, the relationships she has formed on the state and national level have brought much needed grants and resources to our community.

    If you want to known the TRUTH about the Debate that didn’t happen call any member of the Beacon Falls Jr. Women’s Club.

    If you want to know the TRUTH about the much needed Ambulance and Jaws of Life call any member of the Beacon Falls Volunteer Fire Department