Letter: Dowling has served town clerk’s office well


letters_flatTo the editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Michelle Dowling, who is running for re-election for the position of town clerk. As owner of a small title searching business, I have had the opportunity of being an almost daily customer in the town clerk’s office over the last 15 plus years that Michelle has been in that office. Michelle served in that office for many years and has tremendous experience in the many aspects of that office prior to becoming town clerk.

As town clerk, Michelle has led that office in all aspects of the many state mandated filings, responsibilities and tasks that office is responsible for. Michelle is a professional and the customer service her office provides, even in the most hectic of times, is professional and of the utmost level. More importantly, due to her experience, since being town clerk, the transition was seamless and without any missing of responsibilities or deadlines. The town clerk’s office is one with many demands that takes time to become experienced in. Michelle has served that office well and her professionalism and experience is needed in that office and I will be supporting her on Nov.5.

I hope the voters recognize the paramount importance of experience and knowledge in that office and will support Michelle as well on Nov. 5.

Tamath K. Rossi

Deputy Mayor