Letter: Don’t let vandals destroy beatification efforts


To the editor,

I have learned of a very disappointing situation at one of the adopt-a-spot locations. It seems that after plants were put into the area, someone decided to pull them out.

Why would anyone do that?

As co-chair of the Blight and Beautification Council, and the adopt-a-spot program, we have been working very hard to have certain areas adopted and made beautiful now we have to deal with this, why?

I have made the Public Works Department aware of the situation and Parks Department in hopes that with this publication and their assistance we can either stop it or catch you.

The purpose of doing these areas is to make them look like they should, appealing to the eye, for visitors to take notice and for the community to want to join in the efforts.

There have been several “spots” that have been adopted and have their adopt-a-spot sign to show their pride in what they have done to better Naugatuck. So, please help if you see something say something, don’t let someone destroy what has been done. This is time and money wasted.

Let me know if you are interested in an area, we have some available that need some TLC.

Thanks for the help.

Linda Ramos

Co-chair Blight and Beautification Council