Letter: DMV just wants more money


letters_flatTo the editor,

The DMV is a money-making joke. For me to deliver home heating oil, I need to take a hazmat test every four years, but I don’t have to take my driver’s test. Mmm …and you pay extra for any endorsements.

Not long ago, the DMV wanted drivers to spend about $100 to go to Rocky Hill and get fingerprinted every two or four years. More money. Oh, did my fingerprints change? You have to go to a doctor also, and pay him for a medical card. More money.

Now, I received a notice that to keep my CDL I must go to the DMV site and fill out a form and send in my medical card. I went to the site, clicked on CDL, and the site said, “not available” or something to that fashion. I called the DMV, you better have a sleeping bag, because it will take that long to get someone you know, when you call your phone, cable, or your hospital. When the girl finally answered, she clicked on the site too, and was surprised. Not me. She said she would connect me to the people who handle this. I asked, “How long will I have to wait?” She said, “20 minutes.” Good thing I have unlimited calls. At this point, like my hazmat endorsement, I just might let my Class A tractor trailer license expire. Too bad, because I paid for the course years ago. But I just can’t deal with their crap. I have a motorcycle license. What will they think up for that?

Tim Andrew