Letter: Dambowsky is dedicated to borough


To the editor,

From 2005 to 2015, I had the opportunity to work with Fran Dambowsky in his role as the town emergency manager while I was deputy fire chief and fire chief. Fran spent many hours working on emergency disaster plans, recruiting and training volunteer members for the Citizens Emergency Response Team and working with the fire department and other town and state officials during several severe weather incidents in town.

Fran’s dedication to the borough became clear when he would take time off from his job and spend many unpaid hours in the emergency operations center during events such as Tropical Storm Irene, the October 2011 snow storm, Tropical Storm Sandy and other severe weather incidents. Fran worked tirelessly during and after those storms to help us secure state and federal assistance for the borough.

I was happy to find out Fran decided to run for burgess. As a burgess, Fran’s pro-Naugatuck attitude will transcend party politics and he will do what is right for our town.

Ken Hanks