Letter: Crazy Debbies has ‘mom and pop’ feel


To the editor,

Crazy Debbies in Naugatuck located at 162 Church St. is restoring a family tradition of shopping at a mom and pop store.

Debbie brought this store to Naugatuck because she lives in town and, wants the town to have a store where the community can purchase quality clothes, accessories, and toys for affordable prices. She runs the store with her son Jake, and they both make you feel like a part of the family.

One afternoon I literally stumbled upon the store. I fell outside on the sidewalk and the store owner’s son Jake immediately came to my aid. Jake helped me up, handed me my purse, and asked if I was ok. Then, he told me to come inside and his mom would help fix my scraped knee. These people, who never meet me before, did not have to be so caring.

Debbie and her son desire to resurrect “The Shop around the Corner” mentality where families can walk downtown and find that special item with a shopkeeper who knows them by name. By visiting this store frequently it will instill memories for life. I commend her efforts of bringing this store to enrich our lives.

Alicia Kenworthy