Letter: Congressional delegation broke oath


To the editor,

I’m sure everyone has heard the old saying, “Never trust a politician.” Indeed most of us have probably said it at one time or another out of frustration or disgust. Let me ask a serious question. If someone was to make a solemn oath of performance, in front of witnesses, and asked it to be witnessed by God, would it be expected of them to perform to the standard they swore to? I certainly would expect it, especially if my welfare depended on it and I was paying them to perform.

Here’s the problem that presents itself. It seems that every single member of Connecticut’s Congressional delegation has broken the solemn oath of office they took when they were sworn into office — both of our vaunted senators and the entire House group. Democrats all, and all following marching orders from either their Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, or House Speaker Pelosi.

It seems they all took the oath to support and work within the Constitution of the U.S. However, whether voters like it or not, if someone voted for one of them with high hopes of them working to make our great country even more prosperous, secure, and life in general better for all, they backstabbed us all. The moment these people disregarded expert legal testimony and ignored witness testimony that nothing illegal or improper was done in the Ukraine matter, and voted the Democratic Party line to impeach President Trump, every one of our House members violated their oath of office and betrayed voters who voted for them. When the matter reached the Senate, our two, sore-loser, never-Trumper senators voted to remove President Trump from office. By the way, in Washington, Sen. Blumenthal is actively part of “The Resistance.”

This is not necessarily a stump for President Trump, though he has accomplished even more for this nation then he promised in 2016, but rather an expose of how dishonest and untrustworthy our Democratic Congressional delegation has become. Work for the better of our great country? Not when they cooperate in an attempted overthrow of a duly elected president.

Keith Mitchell