Letter: Clarifies criticism of candidate


To the editor,

I read Jeffrey Goerig’s letter to the editor regarding candidate Gerry Smith. The letter was not criticizing him for leaving a volunteer post; rather his message is how can Mr. Smith run for first selectman. He stated the facts; only a few months ago Mr. Smith could not keep his obligations as chair of the Board of Finance due to work conflicts.

The first selectman position is more then a full-time job, it requires someone to answer the call to duty, making tough and sometimes unpopular decisions. This is a position that cannot be dropped due to work conflicts.

Mr. Falzone missed the message. It wasn’t about volunteering. It was about priorities. Mr. Smith made a personal decision and resigned the chair position on the Board of Finance during the annual budget cycle. Yes, that was his decision. Interesting fact, Chris Bielik as the new chair along with the Board of Finance and Board of Selectman created a budget that meets the needs of the town, making some unpopular, yet practical decisions to keep the town running.

The citizens of Beacon Falls have to wonder just how will Mr. Smith juggle his priorities as first selectman if he is elected? How will he manage a first selectman position that is much more demanding then the annual budget cycle with his busy work schedule?

Anita Goerig

Beacon Falls