Letter: Celebrate National Nurses Week


To the editor,

May 6 to May 12 is National Nurses Week, a week to celebrate the profession of nursing.

It is also the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who was responsible for elevating the status of nurses to a professional level by using a scientific approach to nursing. Science requires systematic observation and application of proven principles of care. Nursing has also been called an art. nursing art is defines the as, “the intentional creative use of oneself, based upon skill and expertise, to transmit emotion and meaning to another. It is a process that is subjective and requires interpretation, sensitivity, imagination, and active participation.”

Take time to celebrate with the nurses you know and also to visit the Naugatuck Visiting Nurses exhibit at the Naugatuck Historical Society during the month of May.

Theresa Stieber


Naugatuck Visiting Nurses Association