Letter: Call for residents to wake up


To the editor,

Citizens awaken.

What is wrong with our town officials? Are they unable to see what is happening in town?

People either are unemployed or in danger of becoming so. The only people with jobs, and secure ones, are our town officials.

Now, in addition, these same officials have decided to raise taxes. These taxes are to be collected from one and all, including those folks looking for work.

Wake up people.

Now let’s discuss the school board—what a joke. You lay off people and keep all those assistant principals and the assistants to the assistants. Why not layoff the assistant principals and use those salaries to keep teachers in the classrooms. And how about cutting the superintendent’s pay and perks. Teachers are needed—overpaid superintendent and assistant principals can be done without.

Next on my list is the police department. Do we really need to have the middle school and high school as a permanent patrol—thus taking police off the streets?

Now to Renaissance Place. What, if anything, is going to happen with this? Mr. Conroy had an original plan for 1,500 units at $807 million. Next meeting, it became 750 units at $807 million. Now, it’s 380 units at $807 million.

The density decreased. Why not the price? Did Mr. Conroy forget that there were plenty of townsfolk at all three meetings?

Naugatuck has no jobs, diminished industry and little hope of that changing. There are numerous homes for sale or in foreclosure. Who is going to reside in these 380 units—the river rats?

People are not going to travel from Naugatuck to Stamford, Greenwich or Ney York City with gas prices where they are today.

Another point for discussion: Why when I go to pay my taxes am I inundated with red Sox memorabilia? That is a public office, owned and paid for by the public, regardless of who the Tax Collector is fond of, get rid of anything that the public can see.

Any why does the town show favoritism to one business by waving the handicapped accessible requirement, but require another business to have ramps, parking, etc.? Is it any wonder that businesses seek to open in towns north and south of Naugatuck?

The only way for our taxes to go down is to get more businesses in town. That will increase the tax base. So, why are our town officials resting on what few laurels they have instead of seeking viable businesses to move to town? We don’t need more churches housed in valuable storefronts. Those are non-taxable.

In my opinion, there are many unresolved issues in town—start standing up and being counted. The only way bad things will continue to happen is if good people do nothing.

Dolly Lengyel