Letter: Call for Democrats to attend caucus



To the editor,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. As you have seen in the Jan. 10 legal notices in the Citizen’s News the Democratic Town Committee will be holding our membership caucus and election this Monday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Prospect Library at 17 Center St. in Prospect.

Members are elected to the Democratic Town Committee by all of the eligible registered democratic voters in the Town of Prospect, and then in turn the DTC becomes the voice of the Democratic Party of Prospect. Some specifics tasks within the DTC are the selection of candidates for both elected and appointed offices, the development of campaign and election strategies, and the always exciting fundraising and actual campaigning. The current DTC bylaws allow for the DTC to be made up of only 30 members — this is why we have the election, to select from the full list of declared candidates. If you are currently a registered Democratic you have the privilege of declaring yourself interested in standing for membership at the Jan. 13 meeting, and if nominated and elected you will enjoy the honor of serving for a two-year term that begins in March 2014. The next DTC committee will take place again January of 2016.

The next two years in Prospect will be of particular interest based on two key factors and points of influence. One, we are getting a new school. That alone sets in motion any number of positive impacts and developments. There will be key decisions required by the town and region regarding former school buildings. The possibilities are wide open for one, and not so wide open for the other. Do I hear the suggestion for a bowling alley anyone? 

A second factor is the recent adoption of the 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development. The Planning and Zoning board has adopted (after much thoughtful and engaging discussion) a strategic set of guidelines that will work in parallel with a renewed Economic Development Committee. Now that we see the comeback of the economy we have a good source document for planning and a team of interested participants ready to broaden the tax base in Prospect.

So just a quick recap: If you’re a registered Democrat in the Town of Prospect, please attend the caucus meeting to select and show support for your Democratic Town Committee, 7 p.m. Monday, Jan. 13 at the Prospect Library, 17 Center St. I hope to see you there.

Eileen Cranney

Chair, Prospect Democratic Town Committee