Letter: Cabrera is a champion for the community


To the editor,

Naugatuck is home to just under 30,000 residents, and we need growth — but smart growth. As state senator in the 17th District, I believe that under the leadership of Democrat Jorge Cabrera the Borough of Naugatuck can achieve a focused plan that can strengthen our economic development.

Naugatuck has one of the highest mill rates in the state while many struggle to get by. Many adults in our town are seniors over the age of 65, and if not retired, are aiming to do so with dignity. Economic security matters in Naugatuck, and Cabrera has shown his allegiance to elevating movements toward economic relief across Connecticut.

We need Cabrera because he will fight for the strength of our tax base — he will hear our voice, our need for redevelopment, and be intent in addressing how Naugatuck residents deserve economic equity. Refining and implementing a tax relief begins by working toward the best interest of Naugatuck residents. Jorge will prioritize getting funding for key projects like the Waterbury train line and Port of Naugatuck that will spur economic development.

Regardless of political affiliation, the people of Naugatuck can agree that Cabrera, who has shown his ability to thoughtfully engage with our town’s demands, will always be a champion for our community.

Naugatuck has long been neglected by Hartford, and our current state senator in the 17th District, Republican George Logan, has done nothing to change that. Jorge knows how to work together with all parties to get results and I’m confident he’ll do that for Naugatuck.

James Goggin


The writer is the Naugatuck tax collector and a member of the Naugatuck Democratic Town Committee.