Letter: Budget referendum reflects people’s will


To the editor,

Dear citizens of Naugatuck for another year the local government of our town has been unable to protect and improve the lives of its citizens.

With a sneaky tactic, without thinking that in one particular day, in the middle of the week when most people go to work and stay sometimes late, and don’t have the energy and remember to vote for the budget. Instead they should send in the mail or electronically the legal printed forms so people could be able to vote in larger numbers.

But, the result of the 1,300 people gave them an idea of how the people feel about it—too much money, cut down the size and the benefits of your public employees. When one citizen fails it’s one less success for them. I do not of what we are proud of in this town?

I propose and plan to start a political non-for-profit organization where the collective power of the people would be the main decision body and strong voice to our elected state and federal elected people. They only respect and listen to a collective group and not so well to the individuals, very unfortunately.

James Tzenos