Letter: Blight ordinance is the law


To the editor,

This (blight) ordinance is a giant step forward toward the positive growth of our borough.

Residents of Naugatuck want and deserve a community that takes action preventing their community from being overrun by refuse, junk, and debris—all of which are detrimental to health, invite infestation, looks unsightly, and drags down the image of Naugatuck affecting everyone’s property values. A town’s appearance influences commercial and industrial business.

This is a “common sense” ordinance requiring each of us to be thoughtful of our neighbors and maintain our own properties in an acceptable state. Mayor Mezzo, realizing the importance of this ordinance, appointed Ed Carter temporary blight officer until permanent arrangements are made. Contact Ed with any blight complaints or concerns. Fines will be levied against those who do not comply—however compliance is what’s wanted—not your money.

Provisions exist within the ordinance to examine the situation of anyone who feels it’s a hardship to comply with a blight request.

Please obey the law and join with your neighbors in being part of Naugatuck moving forward.

Sally Brouillet