Letter: Blackberry Hill Road in disrepair


To the editor,

Well, it finally happened. The enormous amount of rain on Sunday, Aug. 14 took its toll on Blackberry Hill Road in Beacon Falls, and it should not have happened.

If this road was properly maintained, there might have been no damage at all. I have lived here for 15 years and the road has never been paved. It is a miserable situation. I have been complaining, but nothing has been done. Some tar has been put in the holes over the years, but it is gone in a matter of days. The road was closed on Monday (Aug. 15) because it was treacherous and really not travelable. A maintenance crew put down some rocky stuff and rolled over it. The road is even worse now. With all the rocks and whatever was put down, your tires are slipping and it is a very dangerous situation.

I have taken pictures because I believe it is just a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or loses their lives. Will the town then do something? Shame on the politicians in Beacon Falls for not taking care of this over the years. I can’t wait for the next election and I hope other residents will open their eyes too.

Jeannette Robledo

Beacon Falls