Letter: Beacon Falls Pharmacy is a ‘jewel’


To the editor,

So often the letters (the Citizen’s News) receives are to complain or berate. I’d like to shine a light on a jewel that the people of Beacon Falls might not realize they have — the Beacon Falls Pharmacy.

Not only do they have a beautiful store with unique gifts at very reasonable prices, but Bob and Marion Bradley go out of their way to provide superior customer service. For example, I went in to replenish my diabetic testing supplies. The bill came to over $70. Bob pointed out a comparable product that was half the price for double the product. He in essence, saved the town $91.

Will I shop there again? Of course I will.

You can’t get that quality service from mail-order. I encourage anyone who hasn’t been to the Beacon Falls Pharmacy to stop in and see all they have.

Sue Mis

Beacon Falls Town Nurse