Letter: Asks why wind turbines still an issue


To the editor,

How is it that wind turbines are still an issue in Prospect?

When I opened the paper (July 29), before I even read Mr. Scaviola’s article, my first thought was that Don Quixote is alive and well and still tilting at windmills. It looks like LaMancha has been moved to Prospect and Don Quixote now lives off of Route 69.

In the two articles in the Friday, July 29, issue of Citizens News, both sides of the wind turbine issue are represented.

I am surprised that Mike Scaviola didn’t bring his past usage of a 100-foot turbine to light during the public debate over BNE. Since Mr. Scaviola used his turbine for 17 years and had no problems with “shimmer” and “strobing” or “ice throw off” or noise, why did he wait so long to put his good experience with wind power up front for all to see and take note of? That good experience would have gone a long way in showing that wind power is not all bad. I would like to see my electric meter run backward, especially with the cost of energy rising daily.

By the way, does anyone know that there is a wind turbine in New Haven that can be seen from the “Q” Bridge? No one visited that one when the debate was going on. It looks small, but since it can be seen from the height of the bridge, it may be much bigger than it looks. Do the operators of that turbine have the problems that the people in Massachusetts say they have?

Save Prospect seems to have weighted the deck by only visiting places where residents were unhappy with turbine power. There must be places where it is welcomed and only seeing both sides can give a fair and balanced view of building new turbines.

Like Mike Scaviola’s good experience, not in Massachusetts or any other state, but right here in Prospect

And then there is Save Prospect whose members can’t seem to take victory with grace. They won. How is it they don’t know that?

Patricia Smith Zappone