Letter: Another perspective concerning term limits


To the editor,

In 1995, Waterbury’s own Gary Franks, then member of the House of Representatives from Connecticut’s 5th District, was asked his opinion on “term limits.” He responded that they were a good idea, but was not sure when they should start. Bush 43 may not have been the best President we’ve ever had, but the fact that he couldn’t run a third term did help pave the way for Mr. Obama to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and how’s that been working out for you?

Some towns have explored setting term limits. Maybe something like five back-to-back two-year terms might be a reasonable constraint. However, such would render any “last term” to a “Lame Duck” session and absent the typical motivation and accountability, the public may not be well served. Prospect’s own long-running representative from the 89th District is closing in on the start of her third decade in Hartford. I’m wondering if learning of her town chairman’s perspective on the need to limit one’s time in office will have an impact on her decision to run for yet “another term” next November.

Perhaps limits on running for elected office shouldn’t apply just to the victors? Back when Connecticut allowed professional prize fighting, they imposed a “Three knockdown rule,” and maybe it would be a good idea for career contenders too. Seriously, it’s refreshing to see new faces involved in the political process. I personally give Mayor Bob’s opponent a lot of credit for stepping forward to give Prospect’s voters a choice on Nov. 8. I believe that giving the voters as many choices as possible is the best way to go, and “term limits” would clearly restrict their choices.

Actually there is a sort of limit already in place. The candidate getting the most votes wins a term that is limited to exactly two years. When those two years are up, and in a process that is the envy of the free world, every resident enjoys the unrestricted right to vote for whichever  candidate they believe will make the best mayor for the next two years. This Nov. 8, and after intently listening to what both candidates have to offer,  I’m voting for who I believe will be the best mayor for this next two years, and that’s Robert J. Chatfield.

By the way, on Nov. 8 you’ll find Mayor Bob and the full team of the Prospect’s Republican candidates on Row B. That’s because Dan Malloy, yet another Democrat who promised to support a conservative agenda and who would also lower your taxes, ended up in the Governor’s Mansion.  And once again, how’s that been working out for you?

Thomas J. Galvin


Chair, Republican Town Committee