Letter: An active VNA will benefit the community



To the editor,

In regards to the most recent article titled “Future of Naugatuck VNA to be determined.” I wish once again to comment on this subject matter.

Among the other well written facts of interest, it especially pleased me to read the sentence that stated, “Neither Mayor Mezzo nor director Stieber want to see the association shut down.” I truly was beginning to believe that it was becoming that of a political issue more so than just that of an economical one.

As was stated, the borough has supported the VNA, for well into that of 94 years. During that long period of service, there remains no question whatsoever that our community and its residents were given the utmost in that of professional care and concern. Never in all those 94 years has any mayor or any elected burgess has supported such a proposal as is being proposed now. Why? Simply because they were 100 percent community-orientated and did fully realize the importance of such an association to the residents of the community. That matter of importance has not changed. On the contrary it has increased as our community continues to grow.

Unfortunately many do not fully understand just what is at stake here. This is the furthest thing from that of just a question of dollars or cents so as to balance a budget. This subject matter has a direct bearing on each and every resident of this community.

Bearing accident or sickness, each and every one of us will one day grow old. When that day arrives, we ask ourselves a series of questions, such as, Do I want at this time to go into a nursing home? or Do I want care at home? If I choose to remain home for as long as I possibly can, where do I get the best of homecare? I personally know. For a while back I reached that stage in life and thanks to the care and services provided by our local VNA, I have been fortunate enough to remain home.

Let us make no mistake about a very important aspect relating to this subject matter. The trend today is changing at a very rapid pace in respect to our federal government having to weigh all the many cost factors relating to healthcare in our nation. They have chosen to support and encourage that of home healthcare well over that of institutional care. Many of us may not see the full impact of this trend, but without doubt that need for more home healthcare associations will grow and grow and in-turn agencies such as our VNA will most definitely profit. They shall and will be in many ways in the near future an asset to that of our community and its residents and no longer looked upon by our governing bodies as a liability.

As a concerned resident I plead to that of Mayor Mezzo, who is in my opinion both that of a good man and a caring mayor and to that of Director Stieber, whom I know to be an extremely caring person, to continue in working together and find that solution for keeping our VNA alive and active, for the well being and benefit of our community and its residents, now and in the future to follow.

Paul Arbitelle