Letter: Wisniewski wants what’s best for Naugatuck


To the editor,

It’s that time of year when we head to the polls to vote for the leaders of the borough. The people we vote for will make decisions that will affect us in many different ways. Due to the importance of these decisions, we need caring and competent people to be chosen for office.

One person that is running for burgess, Donald Wisniewski, is caring and competent. He wants what’s best for Naugatuck and its residents. I have known Don for over a decade and we live in the same neighborhood. He is a family man who cares for them, his neighbors and friends.   Knowing this and how Don is, I know he will do what’s best for the borough and will make the right decision no matter how hard or easy. He will reach across party lines to find solutions to problems that are best for the people. In short, he’ll do what’s best for the people and work hard if elected.

Chris Flynn



  1. Can you see what he posts on his personal FaceBook account? A constant stream of fake, right-wing conspiracy lies. He vehemently denies the science of climate change and posts fake news lies like “volcanoes spew more CO2 than humans in a day”. Someone as unhinged as Don should not be allowed to hold public office.