Letter: Styfco will be honest, transparent

To the editor,

It is my pleasure to endorse Shawn Styfco for the office of Beacon Falls selectman. I have known Shawn for several years as a member of the Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee. During that time, Shawn impressed me with his tenacity when trying to find information related to town business. Shawn also does not hesitate to ask uncomfortable questions.

Shawn is a regular at town meetings, and he has a firm working knowledge of town finances. He asks questions of depth at town meetings but, regrettably, the format of the question and answer part of town meetings is such that the public is not given answers.

So often it happens in politics that elected leaders forget they are working for the public, the taxpayers who put them in office. It is vital we vote our values, so I urge residents to vote for honest, transparent, competent government in Beacon Falls and cast their vote for selectman candidate Shawn Styfco.

Ed Groth

Bradenton, Fla.

The writer is a former Beacon Falls resident.