Letter: Smith will bring financial stability, open government to Beacon Falls


To the editor,

Having lived in Beacon Falls for over 60 years, I find it very difficult not to voice my concerns about this year’s election. Having served as a selectman, member of the Board of Finance, and as chairman of the Inlands Wetlands Commission, I speak with experience.

Our town has never been in such poor condition as it is now, since I can remember. Examples such as crumbling roads, backroom deals being made such as the solar farm on Lopus Road which took away the area used by residents to dispose of brush, special meetings held on short public notice are just a few examples.

The only candidate running for the position of first selectman that can put the town back in the right direction is Gerard Smith. As former chairman of the Board of Finance and as a former first selectman, his knowledge and achievements are a testament as to the future of Beacon Falls. He will bring financial stability and open government going into the next decade, which is what Beacon Falls needs.

I want progression, not recession, for our town, and Gerard Smith is just the person to make it happen.

Donald J. Molleur

Beacon Falls