Letter: Smith is a friend to business

To the editor,

I am the owner of a Beacon Falls-based company with international accounts. Some years ago, we outgrew our space and sought to relocate to another town, until the day a large man filled my doorway and said, “I hear you are moving. We want you to stay.”

Gerry Smith introduced himself and persuaded me to view property at the Pinesbridge Commerce Park. I liked what I saw, and have never looked back.

Although I don’t live in Beacon Falls, I feel a part of the town, and enjoy supporting the various civic groups and organizations. My business contributes healthily to the tax base, and it is a win-win situation.

Gerry Smith is a friend to business, and has and will continue to be an asset to the town.

Lee Nemeth


The writer is the owner of Kolga LLC in Beacon Falls.