Letter: Elected leaders have duty to be informed about and decide on issues

To the editor,

As a voter, I attended the town meeting held on Monday, Sept. 23. The voters of Beacon Falls were called upon to decide and vote on money transfers to pay for two important matters: funding for part-time police officer wages and vital road improvements. Both measures protect our lives and welfare.

With only 20 voters in attendance, the two measures were approved, one by an 18-0 vote with two abstentions and one by an 18-0 vote with one abstention and one person not even voting. All three sitting members of the Board of Selectmen, both Democrat and Republican, First Selectman Christopher Bielik and selectmen Peter Betkoski and Michael Krenesky voted yes, as did the Democrat running for selectman, Kevin McDuffie.

The abstentions and failure to vote were attributed to first selectman candidate Gerard Smith and selectman candidate Shawn Styfco, both unaffiliated voters and petitioning candidates.

Our elected leaders are entrusted with the duty to be informed about and decide upon issues important to the welfare of the citizens of Beacon Falls. The current selectmen and the active voters all did their jobs Sept. 23. Why didn’t the abstainers?

Ned Grace

Beacon Falls

The writer is a member of the Beacon Falls Democratic Town Committee.