Letter: Vote against early voting bill is disheartening

To the editor,

It is disheartening that state Sen. George Logan, R-17th District, voted against a bill that would have helped expand voting access in our state through early voting. The proposal passed state House with a 125-24 supermajority, and also passed in the state Senate 23-13. Unfortunately, Logan’s nay vote, along with that of 12 of his fellow Senate Republicans, means the proposal fell short of a required three-fourths majority to be placed on the 2020 general election ballot.

Voter turnout is higher in presidential election years, so 2020 was a perfect opportunity to hear from a larger segment of Connecticut voters. Instead, this measure will be discussed again in 2021, and if passed, will be on the 2022 mid-term ballot.

Last fall, just 65 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot. Having just one day and 14 hours to vote and strict rules on who can request an absentee ballot means that many folks simply do not vote. The current system clearly does not work for everyone. Early voting already exists in many states, is widely popular, and has bipartisan support. Removing barriers for residents to ensure they can exercise their fundamental right to vote shouldn’t be controversial.

I appreciate and thank state Rep. Nicole Klarides-Ditria, R-105th District, for supporting this bill in the state House. Why is it that Sen. Logan and most Connecticut Senate Republicans are against more people having a voice in our democracy?

Josh Morgan

Beacon Falls