Letter: Family thankful for response to dog attack

To the editor,

On Monday April 29, while sitting on our front porch, our cat Thor was attacked by an unleashed dog. This attack was unprovoked and preventable. After requiring surgery to repair his wounds, including a gaping hole in his left side, Thor will make a full recovery.

In addition to Thor being injured, my husband and son were also bit trying to free him from the grips of the dog’s mouth. They also will heal physically. However, emotionally will take some time, as what they witnessed was quite traumatic.

We would like to publicly thank Naugatuck police Officer Carl Schaaf, the EMTs from Naugatuck Ambulance, the Naugatuck Fire Department, the amazing Dr. Larsen and staff at Beacon Falls Animal Hospital, the doctors and nurses at Saint Mary’s Urgent Care, and our friends, family and neighbors who helped us search for and eventually recover Thor. Thank you for helping to assure that Thor could receive the medical attention he desperately needed.

Also, thank you to the strangers who reached out via social media and to those who came by with treats for Thor. He definitely used at least one of his lives that day.

Please be responsible pet owners.

Lisa Krusko


The letter was written on behalf of Jeff, Lisa and Zak Krusko.