Letter: Borough should proceed very cautiously on future solar projects


To the editor,

I read the article “Officials pursuing alternative plan for NHS roof repair” (Citizen’s News, May 16) about a reassessment of the roof replacement at Naugatuck High School. This is welcome news and I commend Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess for continuing to explore other options. It seems that the alternative plan to save the existing roof makes sense. Although not a permanent fix, it certainly will extend the roof life to nearly its full projected life.

As was previously reported, the project to replace the roof and install the solar panels in 2008 cost $5.9 million, and all but $1.2 million was paid for through state reimbursement and a grant from the state’s Clean Energy Fund.

Regardless of where the initial funding for the project came from, every single penny was taxpayer or customer money used to pay for the panels. State grants simply mean some poor soul in Goshen or Willimantic help pay for wasted solar panels in Naugatuck, and I paid for their wasted projects, as well. In the end, the panels were paid by taxpayers and wasted.

May I suggest the borough totally forget about installing any solar panels in the foreseeable future? The past disastrous experience should tell us to proceed very cautiously. We have learned our lesson. The technology is not yet ready for prime time. It is time the Naugatuck taxpayers be considered in this effort. Taxpayers are being driven out of this state in record numbers by our state government gone nuts. Let’s not throw another log on the fire. Keep up the good work mayor, and demand only the best solution.

George Sirois