Letter: Time for a change

To the editor,

It’s time for a change. With Beacon Falls holding a municipal election later this year, each party (Republican and Democrat) needs to nominate candidates for the November 2019 ballot.

People should ask themselves some questions, are they OK with taxpayer money being handled by someone who can’t handle their own? Do people think elected officials should be held accountable? For example, Selectman Peter Betkoski was living in his house for several months after being served a notice to quit possession and vacate the premises in October 2018. Selectman Betkoski also filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in December 2018, before his business property was going to be sold via auction.

To date, according to the Beacon Falls town website, Selectman Betkoski has not made any tax payments on his business since September 2018, and still owes the town approximately $25,700, which is about $2,700 more than when he pledged in April 2018 that he was going to take his selectman salary (which the taxpayers fund) and put it toward his taxes. Why are they higher now? Because he did not honor his promise to the taxpayers.

If any of the members on the Democratic Town Committee nominate or support the nomination of Selectman Betkoski to be on their November ticket, it simply implies they support Selectman Betkoski’s careless actions for which they need to be held accountable. Selectman Betkoski is serving his third term as an elected selectman, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Here is an opportunity to challenge the status quo, run for office and make a positive change in the town.

Shawn Styfco

Beacon Falls

The writer is a member of the Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee.