Letter: Exercise your right to vote

To the editor,

I am urging every registered voter in Beacon Falls to go to the polls and vote Nov. 8. If you are unable to get to the polls, get an absentee ballot and exercise your right to vote. Every vote counts and this was clearly evident in the one vote outcome at the referendum to repair our roads.

We all live busy lives but it is important that we all take the time and make the effort to participate and vote at town meetings, referendums and local, state, and national elections. We are privileged to be able to cast our ballots. So, again I urge everyone to take the time to vote on Nov. 8.

When I look at the candidates running for office in Beacon Falls, I look at leadership qualities, management skills, fiscal prudence as well as the knowledge and experience to make our community even better.

These attributes have been demonstrated by Susan Cable during her terms in office. I will be voting for the Cable-Bielek team. Who will you be voting for on Election Day.

Lurana Siemenski

Beacon Falls