Letter:Budget vote should wait


letters_flatTo the editor,

The Town of Prospect will be scheduling the budget vote via machine ballot.

Please be aware that the budget will be submitted for a vote even though the town hasn’t determined, as of this date, all of the important factors that will affect the total numbers. This missing information is hugely important in determining whether the budget should be passed or defeated.

The town does not know yet what revenue funds will be forthcoming from the state nor will they have the amount of tax increases that will come from the Region 16 school budget process when they submit the incomplete budget for a vote. These factors must be established before attempting to decide how to vote intelligently on a budget.

It would certainly make more sense to wait until all necessary information has been determined and shared with the public before putting a budget up for vote that will affect the mill rate charged to all homeowners and, therefore, the taxes we pay.

In my opinion, this gives us good reason to refuse to pass a budget until we have all of the information. I hope you agree.

Frank W. Conlon