Letter: Zupkus will put safety first


To the editor,

After 18 years in the legislature, Vicki Nardello must be losing touch with the people she represents. How else can she explain her votes to allow violent criminals out of prison early or repealing the death penalty?

Ms. Nardello’s vote to create the Risk Reduction Early Release program has made it so a person convicted of manslaughter, rape, arson and many other violent crimes can be released from prison early. If Ms. Nardello would support this legislation, as well as voting for the repeal of the death penalty so that the perpetrators of the Petit murders will never see their punishments carried out, what else would she support? We need a state representative that will protect us from violent criminals, not coddle them. I’m supporting Lezlye Zupkus this election. Lezlye will put the safety of our children and seniors ahead of the needs of violent criminals.

Jim Rioux