Letter: What do residents in the 89th really want


To the editor,

There have been plenty of letters that have applauded Vickie Nardello for supporting a topic that was important to their neighborhood. Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t that what your state representative is supposed to do every time? Isn’t that why you elect them in the first place? For me, this raises a serious question.

I’ve spoken with folks from all over our district, and I couldn’t find anyone who was in favor of spending $591 million on the infamous busway. Nor could I find even one person who thought a record $1.8 billion tax increase in this down economy was a good idea. Now I did find a few folks who had some moral issues with the death penalty, but absolutely none who thought it was a good idea to allow the early release of 7,100 convicted felons, and to put another 800 on our streets every month. These are really important topics that impact all of us, and I find it impossible to believe that the majority of the residents in the 89th support all of those positions. So I’m wondering who Vickie Nardello is representing when she votes to pass such devastating legislation?

I also couldn’t find a single small business owner who wouldn’t benefit from a reduction in the number of crippling regulations and the lowering of tax rates. I’m thinking that is where the state should be investing our tax dollars instead of giving $115 million to a hedge fund billionaire so he could afford to stay in Connecticut.

The 89th isn’t in lower Fairfield County, and we are not a wealthy district, but over the past decade we only receive back only about 41 cents out of every dollar we’ve sent to Hartford. Where does the rest of the money go? According to my math, Ms. Nardello has been paid close to $500,000 of your tax dollars since she started in Hartford, and what have you got to show for it? Her voting record indicates that she is soft on crime, hard on the taxpayer, and loyal only to Gov. Malloy and her party leaders.

We need to do better, and we certainly deserve to have a state representative who will represent our district 100 percent of the time. We need to restore common sense up in Hartford, and that means we need to elect Lezlye Zupcus as our representative. Lezlye is a true fiscal conservative, who believes in term limits and will vote for what’s best for the residents of the 89th all of the time, and not just when the cameras are rolling.

Thomas J. Galvin