Letter: Voting no on borough budget


letters_flatTo the editor,

I am not rich, but I lived a comfortable life in Naugatuck with my children. I am a retired nurse and am now on a fixed income because of my age. I am a senior and I don’t mean a senior in high school.

I understand that the revaluation impacted the mill rate, but what I don’t understand is why did the borough not plan for this and save their money?

I saved money all my life. I did not take lavish vacations with my family. I sacrificed and now I continue to sacrifice just to live in the town I love and where my grandchildren live. My friends tell me that I should not vote against the budget in the referendum July 9 because the town will shut down the library or the senior center or both. Well, I hope the town is not going to do that and I will not be afraid of voting.

I have to vote no on the budget because I have no more spare money to pay the increase in my taxes. Maybe the town can learn to live on a limited income like I have to.

Barbara Schafer