Letter: Voting is a citizen’s responsibility


To the editor,

As the 57th presidential election approaches, I would like to take the time to remind my fellow citizens of our responsibility to vote. Do not underestimate the power of a single vote. Admittedly, our election process and voting system are not perfect. However, by casting an educated and decisive vote we can let all of the potential candidates know that, it is not the color of their tie or the shine of their shoe that drives this nation. That we deserve and desire far more than their campaign fundraising skills can provide. That we are a nation of people, with varying backgrounds and experiences. We are a people of whom many are neither Democrat nor Republican, but the majority is a combination of both or something entirely different.

Please join me at the polls to let the candidates know that though friendship is nice, they are not our friends, nor are they required to be to excel at their desired post, and no amount of teeth whitening or suit wearing will change that. Let us use our vote, to inspire in them, the demands that we have as a nation of people willing to work to get back our freedom to pursue our happiness.

Thank you, I look forward to standing next to you in line on Nov. 6.

Michael Opuszynski

Beacon Falls