Letter: Voter supports Zupkus for state representative


To the editor,

I have been a long time Democrat and supported Vickie Nardello since she has had the nomination and have worked on her campaigns. When Vickie voted to repeal the death penalty and for the early release program that has put 7,000 violent criminals on our streets, it has put me over the top.

A commission has been formed on why the crime rate has suddenly increased?  To quote Gen. Patton, “Nuts!”

For 30 years I was certified to program, repair and examine the voting machines in Prospect. There were two recall elections and both times the winning candidate won by two votes, so your vote does matter. My wife and I have decided to support Lezlye Zupkus because of the positions she stands for. Please join us in voting for Lezlye Zupkus on Nov. 6.

Walt Semrow