Letter: Voter proudly supports Nardello


To the editor,

This coming November I will proudly cast my vote for Vickie Orsini Nardello for the 89th District state representative seat.

Vickie has been a committed and tireless representative for her district. Vickie’s experience was very valuable when hundreds of her constituents needed her to protect their property and rights as tax payers. When BNE Energy proposed two 492-foot tall industrial wind turbines for the south end of Prospect, Vickie was quick to take action and listen to the concerns of those families. She could see how this could destroy the home values of the 900 homes that would have been most seriously affected by the turbines. She worked to ensure the residents had their say with public hearings and kept them informed of how the process with the Connecticut Sitting Council worked.

I myself do not live in that part of town but I could see the damage the wind turbines would cause to many hardworking families and the precedent that project would have set and how it could impact other towns in the state. Prospect was successful in keeping these industrial machines out of town but will Cheshire or rural Bethany be so lucky?

The state sitting council is currently working on drafting regulations that will protect homeowners’ property value and personal health in regards to future industrial wind turbines to be sited in the state. They are at the moment not complete and need to be modified to ensure that these behemoths are not sited within 750 feet from a property line as they are currently written.

I have one question for Mrs. Zupkus.  Will she support those that she represents that feel these regulations are inadequate and ensure these regulations are drafted responsibility?  I ask this question because her husband is owner of BNE Energy, the company that wants to site these wind turbines in the state. Will she put her constituents first or her husband’s business interests?

Vickie has the experience and proven commitment we need to further the interests of the people she represents in Bethany, Cheshire, and Prospect.  As a registered Republican I will cast my vote for the right choice, not the party choice, and vote Democrat, Vickie Orsini Nardello.

Helen Plante