Letter: Vote no on Prospect budget


letters_flatTo the editor,

There is no greater wrath than from a politician scorned. Mayor Robert Chatfield’s response to voters’ April 29 defeat of his budget comes in many poison flavors. After his defeat, Mayor Bob immediately cut his budget request by $110,592. He did this by hitting the youth summer camp, the library, recreation and the police department. We were able to save the fire department.

Social Security retirees will be scrapping by with a 1 percent raise while our town employees will get 2 to 4 percent raises. One lucky “FOB,” Friend of Bob, will go from $88,232 to $90,878, a $2,646 raise. By the way not one FOB contractor got cut even by one cent. Only Prospect retirees and the kids will share the pain.

To “save money” Mayor Bob wants to cut voting time down to 12 noon to 8 p.m. Is he truly interested in saving money or is he suppressing the voters who have the nerve to defy his spending plans?

Finally, 25 voters/taxpayers have petitioned the Town Council to appoint an independent auditor to investigate building permit fees charged to commercial developers since 1990 to ensure that appropriate fees were collected per ordinance and statute. Let’s see now how well the council represents all the people, not only FOBs.

After we defeat the next budget on referendum day, Mayor Bob should get serious and cuts $200,000 from this bloated budget and quit hitting programs for the kids and the senior citizens. Please vote no.

Dominick Mirabelle