Letter: Vote for Linda McMahon


To the editor,

This week at the 2012 DNC Convention Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Mary.) spoke eloquently about the need for women in leadership roles in Washington D.C.  Representing the “women of the U.S. Senate,” Senator Mikulski made the following statement, “There are more women in the Senate then when I arrived, but we want more.”

I agree with the senator and the other women of the Senate that stood with her on stage this week, that on Nov. 6 we need to elect another woman to the U.S. Senate … and that woman is Linda McMahon.

It does not matter which party banner Linda is running under and it does not matter what political party you are registered to. Let’s follow the lead of the women of the U.S. Senate and send Linda McMahon to Washington D.C. to represent the people of Connecticut.

Michael A. Krenesky

Beacon Falls