Letter: Vicki Nardello fought for Prospect residents


To the editor,

With Election Day fast approaching, I felt the need to share my thoughts on our local race for state representative. I’d like people to know what a kind, generous woman Vicki Nardello is.

She’s dedicated over 18 years of her life supporting our area and while I haven’t lived here long enough to speak to all of her service, the way she fought for Prospect last year during our fight against wind turbines was all the evidence I need.

Vicki basically stood alone fighting our fight until the proposal was rejected and she didn’t stop there. She’s been diligent to make sure proper regulations are enacted. The town and certainly the Mayor weren’t interested in doing what’s right, but she was.

The woman opposing her, Lezlye Zupkus happens to be the wife of one of the principals of BNE Energy. The very same BNE Energy that tried to ruin our town with industrial wind turbines.

At a time when wind regulations are close to being enacted, what is her motivation? Can we have faith that she will do what’s right for our town when her husband certainly didn’t have our best interests in mind?

I’d like it to be known that I’m a Republican and will be voting almost predominantly that way come November. But I can’t turn my back on Vicki and neither should you. I urge you to vote Nardello on Election Day and show her the same support and dedication she showed us.

Jeff Sarnelli