Letter: Urges voters to reelect Greene


To the editor,

A big thank you to Rep. Len Greene (R-105) for shining the light on a prisoner early release program, a very dangerous practice that was instituted without hearings. Due to this program, it was possible for a robber, who had been released early from his sentence, to subsequently murder a store owner in Meriden.

In a recent news item, we read that after a months-long manhunt, police arrested a 23-year old man in New York who gunned down a 27-year-old father and Waterbury resident in May. Another story relates that a violent home invasion that included the rape of a pregnant woman in the same city has resulted in a 16-year prison term. The families of the victims may have a small sense of relief that the thugs are now behind bars, but according to Victim Advocate Michelle Cruz, there is a good chance that they and countless other predators will earn early release from prison due to “good behavior.” Of about 7,600 state inmates who were freed from September 2011 to June 2012, without adequate supervision, over 10 percent have already been reincarcerated. And at the current rate, 8,000 more are slated for release. Cruz says that if an inmate simply signs up for (without yet attending) frequently irrelevant courses, he is considered eligible for this unthinkable travesty. (Do Malloy and the House leaders understand that criminals can and do travel to “safe” neighborhoods, too?)

Rep. Greene is fighting outrageous injustices in Connecticut, fighting for you and me. He understands that the primary role of government is to protect the people, so I urge all concerned citizens who live in the 105th District to reelect Greene. My entire family will vote for Len Greene, who has demonstrated that he is passionate about this and other issues that impact us where we live.

Anne Comninel Smith

Beacon Falls