Letter: Truth needs to be told about Cheshire response


letters_flatTo the editor,

For those unfortunate enough to have viewed the documentary of the 2007 Cheshire home invasion realize it left more questions than answers.

To me it indicated the Petit family, some of the news media and the general public are being stonewalled about who was in command and ordered law enforcement to stand down. That order of standing down resulted in the slaughtering of Mrs. Petit and her two daughters and the vicious beating of Mr. Petit.

This person or persons should be held accountable for their inactions, which resulted in three horrific deaths. This should not be covered up. From my perspective it appears the gold ole boy system is in effect to protect the person or persons at fault. One must wonder if this is being done so whoever is at fault doesn’t lose their pension for screwing up.

It’s probably safe to say many of the law enforcement that were at the Petit home and held back from attempting a rescue are embarrassed and mad.

It’s too bad one in the know wouldn’t be upset enough to step up and explain to the Petit family and the public what really happened. I’m sure that person could possibly sleep better and not be haunted anymore about what could have been done in place of what wasn’t done. The law enforcement community as a whole certainly can’t be proud of the way the response was handled. I know a lot of the general public is not.

We pay a lot of taxes to our communities and the state which in part goes for providing their riot gear to be used for such rescues as required, not to stand around for photo ops.

We don’t need statements by politicians or spokesman of the police saying they will not release all the gory details only to cloud the issue. People have heard all the gory details from when the trials were held. What we all need to know is how this went down so badly. Until we receive this information we are all Petits subject to the same fate.

Law enforcement should not be given a pass on this. A thorough investigation should be held by the FBI and the results made public.

In my opinion this is the only way for law enforcement to regain the respect the vast majority deserves. Remember honesty is the best policy lying and averting the truth only makes a bad situation worse.

Show some of the same compassion to the Petit family as was shown in Newtown. Man up and tell the truth. Until then I suggest all law enforcement should wear a black band on their sleeves.

David Scott

Beacon Falls