Letter: Tree cutting marred Naugatuck gateway


letters_flatTo the editor,

Last week I approached Naugatuck from the south on Route 8. I used Exit 26, the downtown Naugatuck exit. This is the gateway exit you use to enter Naugatuck from the prosperous Gold Coast of Connecticut and Manhattan.

This time I noticed that something was very different at our gate entrance. The stately trees on the right side of the exit had all been chopped down, with only rubble left behind.

Apparently there was no warning to the town regarding the change to our gateway. Compare the entrance to the heart of Newtown (I-84 Exit 10) and you will see a pleasing group of low-growth evergreens. With Naugatuck embarking on a major redevelopment effort of its urban core, Naugatuck’s town fathers surely must insist on some comparable plantings from the state DOT for Naugatuck’s gateway entrance.

David Dwyer