Letter to the editor: Too many politicians worry about re-election


Enough is enough, I think it’s time our elected officials in Washington D.C. got their act together and work for the good of the country. Too many politicians get elected than instead of working for our country, they work on their game plan to ensure re-election.

A year after President Obama was elected, with control of the Senate and the House, he basically has accomplished nothing. They actually didn’t even present a formal budget last year. Why? Didn’t know how, didn’t think it was required.

As usual speech after speech, promised this, that and everything in between. The people that voted for him, for the most part, seem disappointed in him. It’s really not all his fault because Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t helped.

Some very unscrupulous people helped put this guy in office along with the union and basically they call the shots.

Democrats and unions historically have been like peanut butter and jelly, good together, but not for the country. Unions were needed very badly years ago and they helped all workers with wages and conditions, but the pendulum has now swung too far the other way making unrealistic demands when others are suffering.

We have the same problem in Hartford, hell, we even have it in Beacon Falls At the April 5 meeting with the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance when I asked a question about union concessions First Selectman Susan Ann Cable said, “They won’t talk to us” about negotiating.

Everyone needs a job so rather than let people go, encourage employees to speak to their unions as they need their jobs.

If that doesn’t bring them to the bargaining table, put the union on notice that perhaps Beacon Falls should privatize the entire Department of Public Works, do away with pensions and put the entire operation out to bid.

A couple of friends of mine, yes I do have some left, have suggested this to me for quite some time, as it works very well, they say, where they have property and homes in another state.

People want to play hardball, play hardball back unless you’re worried your next election.

David Scott

Beacon Falls