Letter to the editor: Toby’s Pond is a gem


Dear Editor,

In the article “A look ahead – what to expect in Beacon Falls in 2011” published in the Citizens News on December 31, 2010, Michael Krenesky was quoted “I’m concerned that [Toby’s Park] may be a bigger liability for the town than it may be worth at the end of the day.”

What an irresponsible statement from Selectman Krenesky.  First Selectman Susan Cable understands that judicious management and conservation of our precious natural resources will benefit the community and aid in creating economic prosperity for the town.

Toby’s Pond and Recreational Park located along the Naugatuck River is a magnificent waterfront property offering over 45-acres of refuge in a natural setting for the community to enjoy. Located just off Old Pinesbridge Road it offers passive use with a walking trail with footbridges along the waters edge.  It provides valuable a water-based recreational resource, floodplain protection and wild life management.

Since securing the property donated by O&G Industries in October of 2009, First Selectman Cable has been working diligently with private investment individuals who plan to assist in developing a natural recreational park within Toby’s Pond.  Once complete Toby’s Pond will provide economic value and serve as a focal point to the town of Beacon Falls.

Toby’s Pond and Recreational Park is a gem for all to behold. Krenesky is well aware of First Selectman Cable discussions with investment individuals.  Fortunately for the residents of Beacon Falls, First Selectman Cable is creatively positioning and leading Beacon Falls in the right direction.

I encourage all residents to visit Toby’s Pond and enjoy the preservation of our natural resources that help maintain the rural character of our town.


Jeffrey Goerig

Beacon Falls


  1. I would like to thank Mr Goerig for his passionate response to my comments related to Toby’s Park. I understand he has a vested interest in the park, but also found it surprising that he felt he had to defend the 1st Selectman, who had the same opportunity to comment on our parks, but did not.

    Unfortunately he chose to take my comment out of context with the original question posed and my complete response. Each elected official was asked what we saw as challenges and future projects for Beacon Falls in 2011. I took the big-picture approach responding on many areas of concern to our community.

    Regarding Tobys Park, I suggest that Mr. Goerig speak further with the 1st Selectman as to her thoughts on Tobys and the “investors” to whom she has been speaking with. Several times Mr. Goerig implies that the Town will have a natural recreational park when developed. He implies it will be a public park area for community recreational use.

    Mr. Goerig may be disappointed to learn that the direction of these conversations on the future use of Tobys would lease the property to the “investors” of a commercial management firm that are proposing to build a gated, private recreational area that he will have to pay to use.

    Please remember, these are only preliminary concepts and ideas…there is no actual plan for the use of the property. The Owners of the land, the residents of Beacon Falls, need to take any plan to a vote.